Shannon Flattery

Shannon Flattery, a Boston-based installation artist, started Touchable Stories in 1996. As a practicing artist and community advocate, Shannon felt that art and community could be brought together to powerful effect. What emerged is a community-based platform for artists and community members to explore social issues and identity through a combination of collecting and recording oral histories, holding community dinners and roundtable discussions, and then documenting emerging themes in a series of vivid and interactive rooms.

Shannon holds a BFA from Tufts University, and studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Shannon has worked for the past 20 years creating interactive installations for a broad range of audiences with such organizations as Mobius—a 25-year veteran of Boston's experimental art scene—and with the Invisible Cities Group, which has produced an ongoing series of community-based installation/performances in the neighborhoods of Somerville.

Shannon is greatly involved in community affairs. She co-directs the Bobby Mendes Legacy Project in Boston, MA and is a Advisory Board member of the Tent City Peace Movement in Richmond, CA, pioneer anti-violence initiatives, bringing methods that work to communities and activities on both coasts.

Shannon Flattery Founder and Artistic Director


Photography by Ellen Gailing