Community Building

Touchable Stories Community Efforts are about building community through art and dialogue. Touchable Stories comes to a community and listens carefully to its members, hearing its stories, voices, and concerns.

These encounters develop into realized stories, actual rooms, modules and details of full-scale installations always located deep in the heart of the community. These stories then become talking points and advocacy tools, bringing out and working through critical issues that are central to the host city.

Often, the interaction takes the form of dinners. Everyone meets around the table, sharing stories and exchanging views. What is most exciting about this process is how it brings both emotional depth and highlights important nuances that are traditionally overlooked to the subjects it touches.

The task is to describe, not solve, and to view the issues revealed by the discussion in a non-directed, non-adversarial, non-judgmental manner. This process is highly successful, creating an emotional as well as an intellectual understanding of the problems under discussion.

Cities, civic groups, and individual sponsors may sponsor Touchable Stories in any community willing to engage in a discussion of its hopes, problems, or issues. To discuss bringing Touchable Stories to your community, please call
510 619-3675 or email

Touchable Stories Community Building


Photography by Ellen Gailing