Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy

Touchable Stories Community Efforts are vitally involved with the Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy project’s direct anti-violence efforts in the Uphams Corner neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston, Massachusetts. The BMPL grew outward as a response to the growing tide of homicides in the Dorchester/Roxbury neighborhoods of Boston. The program efforts include grief consulting for children and adults, round table dinners, and holiday celebrations fostering solidarity and safety for local children.

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Touchable Stories and BMPL brought founding activist Isaura Mendes to the west to meet members of Richmond’s Tent City non-violence initiative. The "East Meets West: A Peacemakers Dialog" was held November 2007 in Richmond CA and brought together organizers from The Tent City Peace Movement, representatives from MASK (Mothers Against Senseless Killing) and spiritual leaders from the Native American communty.

To help us Touchable Stories and BMPL in their efforts to build a solution to violence among youth in our nation’s urban communities,
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