Tent City Peace Movement

Touchable Stories Community Efforts and the Tent City Peace Movement are working to promote anEast/West collaboration on nonviolence initiatives aimed at quelling the violence experienced in urban communities. Working with the Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy project, Touchable Stories is bringing activist and founder Isaura Mendes to meet the Tent City Peace Movement creators at their Richmond CA home.

Reciprocally, Touchable Stories plans to introduce Tent City participants to their counterparts in the Greater Boston Area, with BMPL as their hosts. The goal is an exchange of nonviolence observations and techniques with the charge to simply meet and better understand each other. Like all Touchable Stories projects, good things emerge by sharing and meeting.

BMPL has over a decade of experience shepherding nonviolence in marginalized urban communities. Tent City has done a remarkable job in a very short period of time, rising from the community just two years ago in September of 2006.

If you would like to help Touchable Stories and Tent City with efforts towards nonviolence, please call 510 619-3675 or email programs@touchablestories.org.