Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy

The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy is an anti-violence initiative co-directed by Touchable Stories and Dorchester peace activist Isaura Mendes. The Legacy is named in honor of her son who was murdered in 1995. The program began in 1999 working closely with The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute ( and The Maxwell Community Business Park, to address the growing tide of homicides in the Dorchester/Roxbury neighborhoods and to provide hope and inspiration to the youth. Efforts include grief counseling for surviving friends and family, roundtable dinners with community members and their elected officials, holiday celebrations for local children, and the very successful Annual Parent's & Children's Walk for Peace. BMPL is funded by The Lenny Zakim Fund and generous individual donations.

Touchable Stories will host “East meets West: A Peacemakers Dialog” bringing together BMPL and the Tent City Peace Movement, Richmond CA’s homegrown anti-violence movement November 10 – 18 2007. Together, these two reflective organizations will share observations and strategies to deal with violence and strife within disadvantaged urban communities. This dialog will continue in 2008 with a session in Boston. It will also expand to include more active peacemakers on both coasts.

Please visit The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy at their home site