Echoes From The Edge

During 2008 and 2009, Touchable Stories worked in partnership with Friction Arts, on a unique, living history arts project, attempting to reveal the true voice of Digbeth, Birmingham UK. Digbeth is a rapidly-changing community, originally an industrial district, now surrounded by new housing developments and the low-income communities of Highgate and Nechells, it is also the site of the new cultural quarter for the city.

The exhibition hosted at ‘The Edge', Friction's Digbeth headquarters building, and took the form of a living, oral history- inspired ‘museum', designed and built by a team of artists with an international reputation, whilst retaining the real voices of the inhabitants of the area, old and new. The show consisted of a series of linked‘rooms', each one an installation inspired by and containing the voices of residents and workers from the surrounding area. The installations included many interactive elements as well as artworks, films and audio to experience.

A series of community ‘networking' events was run alongside the programme featuring meetings, talks and most importantly ‘pot luck' dinners where community members and other stakeholders shared food, stories and