The Kerrville History Project

The Kerrville History Project entered a new and exciting phase in 2008 one that explores the unique culture that is the Kerrville Folk Festival. Shannon Flattery of Touchable Stories and Harry Palmer of Friction Arts have been building on the staff history work of Ky Hote to add recorded oral histories and an interactive artistic flair to create an engaging and participatory project. Over 100 hours of stories have been collected from veteran staff, life time ticket holders and kerrverts of all stripes.

This work manifest itself in the "KerrHistory" Booth located in the upper reaches of the Crafts village at the spring 2009 Kerrville Folk Festival (Big Folk). The booth featured a listening station with a variety of stories, the work of staff photographers was displayed and a written version of the complied staff history was available for review. A memorial wall has been begun honoring departed friends. Visitors were invited to place their own special places on maps of the ranch and to add their voices to the catalog of interviews. They were also encouraged to give their input into the direction of the project and to help document and collect the wealth of memorabilia that currently exists.

As the history project develops we will make more stories accessible, create a place for reflection and remembering and find ways to engage as many in possible in telling the ongoing story of the Kerrville Folk Festival.

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